During a recent group call with potential clients, I shared my book of sold properties and asked one to pick a home at random to show what their potential increase in equity could look like.  I posted one pick on my website and Facebook Page.
Have a look:   https://waynelstephens.com/sold-for-695k-in-2017-whats-it-worth-now/

Using actual examples of homes I’ve sold, over the next several weeks, I’m going to show you what breaking into our market could mean to you.  I’ll also be sharing with you some really cool photos of furniture (mostly modern and mid-century) from the consignment store I owned before I transitioned into real estate.

Most importantly, I’ll share with you a remodel I completed, in less than a year that increased my value by way more than I put into it, and the kicker is that I used mostly recycled materials! Here is a recent example:

I replaced this shower stall a few weeks ago in a second bath.  What I removed was what was available at Home Depot for $729 plus tax but the 3 plastic wall units do not have very good reviews.  They leak (which is what got this started for me) and they are not very attractive.  Keep your eye on the resale ball.

Instead, I found surplus large format tile at Ballard ReUse for $80.00 and $30.00 for concrete wallboard to go behind it, vs. about $300.00 for the plastic stall alone.  I paid retail for the pan and enclosure so that’s a wash – but look at the difference! I’ll show you a photo of the completed bath when the floor and trim are back in but who wouldn’t be happier with this for less money?

A contractor would have asked several thousand for the work.  My cost with a NICE tip for the guy who helped me was about a third of that.

It’s not easy to get into our market, and homeownership means maintenance costs …but weigh that against the return on your investment if you are renting.

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