It doesn’t matter if you are buying or selling – you still need a place to live.
Thinking about selling?  Now may be the best time.  While the market has peaked in many ways you still have commodity that’s in demand just don’t expect the frenzy that was once the norm in the Seattle market.
I recently spoke to a customer who didn’t want me to do thing things I normally do to market a home for the best and highest offer.  Her comment was “but the Seattle market is hot so I’m not going to do those things.” True she’s in a good market in a popular part of town, but she’s was unaware that it takes more to market a home now if for no other reason than there is more inventory on the market making selling times longer. As an example the average time on market for a home was about 27 days in 2018, in 2019 it’s 47.  Correspondingly increases in sold prices are 1.5 % compared to percentages that were the envy of the country.
Rush to sell? Not unless you have to, but if you are thinking about selling now may just be the time.
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