Mint Mid Century Sleeper (Edmonds)

This is a story of “don’t be discouraged”.
The client and I looked at 30 or more homes and wrote offers on 8 – 10.  We were getting beat handily time after time.  Multiple offers well above asking, non-refundable earnest money deposits, contingencies being waived were strategies that worked against us.
The day we found this home we toured it and employed our offer strategy with little hope of winning – but we did and for a very reasonable 4% over asking. In the end we were one of only 2 offers.
The lesson here is to pick a strategy and stick to it, but more importantly don’t be discouraged by what you think may happen.  I’m convinced that most people who toured that day decided to not write an offer because they were convinced they’d lose.  Yes, you may lose a few, but you’ll also get the one you want.


This little gem sold for $650,000 in 2018 and less than three years later Redfin (as a guide only) suggests it increased in value almost $100,000.
Nothing wrong with being discouraged, but better to hold your expectations down and write the offer.