On the market for four days during a bit of a cold snap, this sold for a little over asking price.

Some realtors suggest waiting until the warmer months to sell a home which is a strategy that could backfire.  In this case, the artificially low inventory helped the sellers and had they waited until spring they likely would have had competition which could have affected their price.

We’re also seeing greater interest in the outlying edges of places like Everett and Edmonds.  Far enough away from the city but close enough to services and freeway access.

This one sold for $385,000 just over three years ago and Redfin (used as a guide only) is projecting a current value of almost $515,000 or a 30% increase in this short period of time.  Keep your eye on places outside Seattle – especially first time homebuyers who can work from home. You’ll find great values and could be positioned to build equity quickly.